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GB3SQ and the BATG.The ATV repeater for Poole/Bournemouth/Christchurch run by the Bournemouth Amateur TV Group
(See also the official GB3SQ website)
Streamed pictures of members are included.
Propagation Propagation in our area (especially on 23cms!).
Addition of plots to GB3SQ, the local ATV repeater.
New ATV pictures Digital ATV signals received at new QTH. 19/03/15
Radio at our new house Shack, radio equipment and antennae. 30/10/15
BRS & Local Events Pictures & news of local clubs & events; FR Hamfest etc.
The final meeting and AGM of BRS. Pictures from G3CPN's lunch
Radio Related ActivitiesPictures taken at our visits to Kempton Park. 16/11/14
News of Locals News of local Radio Amateurs
BRS Member Les Kerswill Honoured.
Links Links we like. 05/06/12
'History' Old photos illustrating the development of my radio interests. 22/03/10
ATV Related Projects
A selection of construction projects.
ATV Add-ons These are extra units, like Vogad and Caption generator, that I find useful for ATV operation. 25/07/08
Radio Projects
More construction projects (non-ATV!).

My Old Analogue ATV Days (pre 2010)
Local ATV pictures Picture gallery of local ATV stations seen or contacted. 10/11/14
Repeaters Picture gallery of repeaters I have received. 06/07/08
DX ATV Picture gallery of distant ATV stations seen or contacted (mostly French!)
on analogue ATV before 2009 .
Analogue ATV Equipment Pictures and details of G3KTU's 23cm ATV station (before I dismantled it).19/08/03
'Former' SCART Club and Related EventsPictures from 'Former' SCART club events such as AGM annual dinners etc. 14/12/11
GB3IV RepeaterPictures in connection with the old SCART ATV repeater when it was at Stenbury, IOW.
For current information see the Colingwood ATV Group's GB3IV repeater streaming
Portable ATV G3KTU's 23cm ATV equipment for portable operation.13/08/08

Norman Goddard, G3UXR
A tribute for Norman, who died on 4th November 2014.
Phil Lavender, G3RAN
A tribute for Phil, who died on 23rd July 2014.
John Bales, G0HAT
A Tribute and Thanks from his Family, for John, who died on 10th September 2012.

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