"BRS AGM 2011"

Followed by Short Talks on Members Projects, Friday 21st October 2011.

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Started: 24/10/11

The AGM progressed in the normal way including election of Committee Members for the following year.

Committee members for 2011-2012 from Left to Right:
Russell Saundes SWL, Mike G3TOI, John M1BAI, Graham G3NIL, John G0HAT and Norman G3UXR

"My Projects Past and Present"

BRS Members had been invited to bring projects, at whatever stage and successful or not, to show and talk about after the AGM.

A selection of equipment presented.

First presenter was John G0HAT.
He has been building a PA for 23cms based on a design by G4BAO. The device is a surface mount LDMOS so a PSU was required to give 26v at 6A.

23cm PA
This is the 23cm PA requiring a 26v PSU.

Front view

Here's John's smart pront panel.

The Left hand meter is 30v full scale and the other is 10A.
The box is from Maplin.
This is what is inside.
The aluminium screened box is a switched mode PSU module.

Mike G3TOI then showed progress on parts of his ATV station that he is designing from first principles.
the Diecast box to the right houses a preamp and filter.

Here is the part with the antenna change over and sequencing relay.

relays and filter preamp
A closeup of the filter preamp.
Mike has used the inductance the 'long' lead on the piston trimmers as part of the tuned cicuit.

John M1BAI wanted to do something different from his usual ATV projects; so he went back to old broadcast radios.

With Russell's assistance John resurrected an old, post-war, valve radio. After replacing a few old capacitors and tidying the mains resistance cable and providing a length of wire for the aerial, it worked.
We had a live demonstration!

Another dabble with the past was a plan to make a basic crystal set, where possible using old style components.

John had great difficulty in obtaining a suitable lump of Geranium
to use in the "Cat's whisker detector", so he had to cheat a little!

During John's search for Germanium for the crystal set above, Bill Journaux not only provided some germanium and various other bits and pieces but also gave a suprise present of a complete radio!
The only part that really needs attention is the warped panel (could you call it the forerunner of a chassis?) holding all the components.

We were told how the label on the front of the box (shown at the Right) was the stamp of approval required before the days of a wireless licence.

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