held on Friday 30th October 2015.

14 BRS members attended the last meeting of the Bournemouth Radio Society at 7.30 pm on Friday 30th October 2015.

Following the results of a recent questionnaire it was decided the Club should be wound up and the remaining funds distributed to current members. A show of hands, at the meeting, was unanimous on both questions.

The Treasurer's Report was distributed showing the balance as at 30th September 2015. To this will be added the proceeds from items of Club equipment sold and reduced by various items of expense not included in the Treasurer's Report.

Various items of club equipment were auctioned as follows:

Item £
Laptop 20.00
Radio Microphone 20.00
Tool kit 15.00
Sharmans 25A PSU 15.00
Navico 2m rig 10.00
Panasonic projector 25.00?
Stand for above 35.00
Power Supply 2.00
DVD Player no bid
Odds and ends no bids
Steel secure cupboard
(Offered to Kinson and accepted)
no bid
Antenna in situ on Kinson roof near
room 5(free to anyone willing to dismantle it)
no bid
Sale items

It was agreed the archives would be kept by Russell Saunders M6REQ who has been assembling a history of the Club.

Votes of thanks were made to past and present members for their work in keeping BRS going for so many years.

The meeting concluded at 8.22pm.

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