ATV Goes Digital.

The talk on Friday June 1st 2012: Colin G4KLB and Dave G8AJN cover the background to
the DigiLite Project and the new Bournemouth Digital ATV repeater.

Started: 04/06/12

Dave and Colin

Dave sorting out a hiccup on the BRS laptop while Colin shows a few versions of parts of the Digilite hardware.
Note Colin's DATV testcard T-shirt!

The table with John's (M1BAI) demonstration of DigiLite on 70cm can just be seen in the background.

A splendid attendance despite the distractions of the Jubilee festivities.

LHS of audience RHS of audience

Norman's DigiLite

On the left, Norman's,G3UXR, DigiLite uses early prototype versions of the PCBs.

Following his successful breadboard arrangement, on the air, he is now in the process of housing it more permanently.

The DigiLite project is under continuous development and the best way to see and learn more about it is to look at G8AJN's DigiLite web pages.
The BATC on line shop is also worth a visit.

Various DigiLite transmisions can be seen on Sundays from 8pm onwards at the BATG streaming, selecting 'G8AJN(GB3SQ tests) from the list.

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