Hamfest 2008

The annual "Hamfest" by The Flight Refuelling ARS was
on Sunday 10th August 2008.

Photographs taken by me, G3KTU.

Early traders
Here are a few of the early outdoor traders setting up.

The BRS table
Minding the table while the BRS sales team was away!
Part of the South Coast Beacon and Repeater Group tables.
Carl G6NLC, Andy G4JNT and another are behind the tables.

FRS tables for ATV demonstrations.

John M1BAI had set up reception of GB3IV on 23cms in the FRS club house and relayed it via 10GHz to the marque on the monitor on lower left.
John also had a DVD displaying ATV activity (centre monitor) and had his NBTV (Narrow Band TV)/ Mechanical TV receiver on show (on top of box at the right).

From left to right: Tony G3PFM, Alex (son of Paul M0EYT), John G0API and John M1BAI.

ATV demonstration

John's NBTV RX M1BAI's NBTV Receiver.

BRS Members in their cars loaded with items for the table met in a lay-by on the approach road, arrived as a group to ease entrance to the rally site.
Les and Mike
Les 2E1ICM and Mike G3TOI.
Tony and Ann
Tony G3YWG and Ann M3GPP.

Crowds browsing
Crowds browsing around one of the lanes of traders.
The Hamfest Control tent
Rally control tent.

Near the FRARS Clubhouse
A couple of stands in the sunshine
near the FRARS club house (just visible in the background).
Traders in the sunshine
Another area of traders, also in the sunshine.

An open sided tent
An open tent ready in case of a sudden rainfall.
The Maquees
The control tent dwarfed by the two large marquees.
The Social Club, where the food and drink was served is just visible.

Clive's laptops
BRS Member Clive G6MYT at his stand loaded with laptops.
Ann and Peggy
Ann M3GPP taking a break with Peggy (Clive's mother).

Car boot area
The busy car boot area near the Clubhouse.
Another part of the car boot
Thank goodness the few spots of rain never developed!

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