Hamfest 2009

The annual "Hamfest" by The Flight Refuelling ARS was on Sunday 9th August 2009.

Part 1 - ATV related pictures

The busy table of the Bournemouth Amateur Television Group run by repeater builder-deleveloper Dave G8AJN (just off picture to the Left).
BATG Members helping; seen here are Colin G4KLB and Norman G3UXR.

Tony's van, alongside the Hamfest control tent, attracted great interest.
Inside the mobile ATV van belonging to Tony G1HPD owner of Masthead Antennas

Frank G0LFI operating Tony G1HPD's portable camera (battery underneath) Live as received on Tony's monitor

John M1BAI, John G8BDF and Bob M5BUF - they've seen me! John M1BAI's live demonstration of NBTV (including colour!)

Part 2 - Other Pictures

John G0HAT with Roma M3WYF and David G4BKE
running the BRS stand.
A general view of one of the trading ailses.

Two of our local amateur radio clubs, Christchurch and South Dorset that I noticed.

FR Club and antennas

Julian G0URB and Clive G6MYT
Car Boot area

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