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Started: 28/04/12

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Kempton Park Sunday November 9th 2014
Kempton Park Sunday April 13th 2014
Kempton Park Sunday 22nd April 2012


Sunday 9th November 2014.


We knew that Norman would not be coming with us as he had just had his recent knee operation (on 24th October). I phoned on the previou Sunday to see if there was anything he would like me to get from Kempton for him. As usual we chatted for some time he added that of course John M1BAI would be welcome to park his car at his house as usual, enabling Ann and I to pick him up from there. He invited us to come in and say hollo before moving on our way.

When we drew up to Norman's house at 9.30 we were puzzled to see John outside talking to Norman's neighbour. It was then we heard the dreadful news of his death the previous Tuesday. It was hard for us to take it in. However we all decided it would be sensible to still go to kempton: It would certainly be what Norman would have wanted us to do. Norman was very much in our thoughts as we we walked round...

It wasn't until I looked at the photos when I got home that I wished I had taken more, such as of Jonn and Jake and various friends we met like Fred's son Kevin and so on. Next time!

The layout inside was much as it has been for the last year or so. One suprise was the absence of the Martin Lynch stand; I guess it has to be a bussiness decision.

The one thing I had on my list was to get a selection of Practical Wireless and Radio User magazines for Ann to give me for Christmas. They help me to catch up with what is going on while I am off the air. The ir stand was easy to find as it virtual the first stand as one enters. We both had a good old natter with Tex, as meeting friends is the main attracton for us these days.

PW and Radio User

This is G4TPH's stand, showing a potable mag loop antenna for 40m-15m.
Rig Expert
The Rig Expert stand has interesting "crinkly" and figure of eight loop antennas on show.

At this time of the day (2:03pm) it was easy to get around everywhere.
Unlike previous shows there wasn't a sudden rush of traders packing up.
Rig Expert
The Bring and Buy was busy every time I went to have a look.

Ann M3GPP and Tony G3KTU.

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Sunday 13th April 2014.

Unfortunately Norman was not well enough to come with us this time. However Jake was able to come instead and brought back a "white stick" colinear antenna for 2m and 70cm; we look forward to working him on the air soon! As Norman wanted a 70cm beam, John bought one and I believe he will be erecting it for him shortly.

I was after a second pair of loudspeakers + amplifier which I was lucky to find, complete with mains PSU, all for only £5 brand new. I also bought the Rasberry Pi Haynes manual, to occupy me during all those hours of nothing to do! Ann bought nothing except for mugs of coffee which we both enjoyed. As always the enjoyment for us at these events is seeing what's around these days and, of course, chatting with old and new friends.

John and Jake

John and Jake looking into the bright sun!

Towards MLS and PW

The usual view inside. Tex on the PW stand at the left with the Radio User table along side.
The Martin Lynch tables are further along and into the distance.

This was about 2 pm.

Looking to the far end

This is the view to the far end where Syon Trading have their tables.

In the sun

The end of our visit but still warm and sunny.

Ann M3GPP and Tony G3KTU.

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Sunday 22nd April 2012.
Early crowds

This is the crowd taken from the 'far end' of the hall at about 11.30am.
Martin Lynch and Sandpiper are hidden to the left.

2 hours later?

For this shot, taken about 2 hours after the one above, I was standing at the other end of the hall, near the RSGB stand.
Attendance was still high and none of the stallholders were packing up!
Can you spot anyone you recognise?

A few yards further on

Here you can probably see in the background Radio User on the left and Martin Lynch on his right.

This is the only ATV 'activity' seen in the hall. It's the Home Counties ATV Group stand, who run the GB3HV repeater and hold meetings in Binfield near Reading. Unfortunately no one was around at the time but Tony, G1HBD,
had his mobile ATV and Masthead Antennas van paked just outside the door to the left of the stand.

HCATV stand

The van outside

This is Tony's van, mentioned above, with the fully elevated mast.
Note the sunshine and lack of puddles so far!

Inside the back

This is the back of the van showing a well organised arrangement of equipment.

We particularly look forward to meeting old friends, especially from Surrey and Sussex so it was sad that our friend Nick G8NXB was unable to come as planned. In the morning we were surprised that we didn't recognise anyone in the crowd and only a few stall holders like Tex and Martin Lynch. So we went for an early lunch upstairs and enjoyed the panoramic view.

After lunch we started meeting people such as Simon and Julia and then Frank and Christine all from the SCART club. It was good to see Roy from Syon Trading after his absence last year due to illness. It is a pity, but understandable that he is unable to continue the mail order service.

We thought the entrance fee was too high but it is probably the only radio event in the London area now. The more specialised components seemed mostly absent or very highly priced. Where were the higher frequency (SMA and N) 12 volt relays and ex equipment SMA flexible leads?
I think we are unlikely to go again soon unless perhaps they bring back lectures.

I have no pictures of our later visit in November 2013 with Norman G3UXR and John M1BAI, but I have added pictures from April 2014.

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