"BRS Lunch 2011 at The RNLI College"
on Saturday 22nd October.

Started: 24/10/11

The annual lunch was held for the first time at the RNLI College. It was universally enjoyed and thought to be very successful.
For more information on the College facilities go to the relevant page of the RNLI website.

As I have often found in the past, I enjoyed the event so much that I didn't take any pictures of Members during the meal!
Anyway, it is such an impresive building that I managed to take a few pictures before guests arrived. Here they are.

This is the view we had when we first arrived in the car park.
The lunch was in the circular building on the Left but reception and access is from the main building on the Right.
The Restaurant (private dining room) is on the top floor and bar and cafe on the floor below.

This is the new Poole bridge which illustrates the fantastic view we had from the restaurant.
You may notice the welcome sunshine. The clever design of the building meant that it never shone directly onto diners.

At the entrance to the dining room we collected our name labels that Jan had prepared early. The reverse of each label indicated our menu choice to help the staff to provide guests witheir chosen selection. It was up to us to place them on the table wherever we chose (we couldn't blame the organisers for putting us where we didn't want to be!).

A Google map view of the buildings.

I couldn't resist this picture as we passed just outside the stairway of the main building.

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