The Bournemouth Radio Society 2010 Lunch.

Started: 12/04/10
Edited: 15/04/10
On Sunday 11th April, Members and their guests met for lunch
at the Highcliff Grill, part of the Marriott Hotel Bournemouth.

The BRS Annual Dinner, formally held early in the New Year, has been in abeyance for some time and is missed by many Members. After much thought and discussion, it was considered worth trying a midday meal and Sunday Lunch was the popular choice. Roma M3WYF heard good reports of the Highcliff Grill and, discovering their prices to be reasonable, went ahead with the arrangements.

Both meal and company were excellent and, as usual, I was busily occupied with both until the meal was finished - only then did I remember my camera. I leapt into action taking pictures before it was time to go - even so I was only just in time!

The lunch was a huge success and, as can be seen from the photographs, an enjoyable time was had by all. We send our thanks to all concerned

Coffee and mints finished, Members and guests are beginning to circulate.

Starting with the company closest to the camera, and going clockwise around the table are:
Frank G0GOX with his daughter Claire. John M1BAI with his guest. Next is Clive G6MYT with his mother Peggy. Standing behind and chatting to them both is Arthur G3RZV. Also standing is Jan M0JYL talking to Ann M3GPP. By the window are David G4BKE, Mike G3CPN and Jan (Arthur's XYL). Seated are Peter M0PTR with his XYL Rita and Fred G3UZD with his XYL Peggy. Then comes Norman G3UXR, John G0HAT, Jean who is Mike's guest and Roma M3WYF.
Missing from the picture are Graham G3NIL, Wendy (G0HAT's XYL) and the photographer G3KTU.

Facing the camera: Jan, Mike, David, Arthur and Graham standing behind.

Clive Peggy and Ann.

Going around clockwise:
Peggy, Norman, G0HAT hidden, Wendy (just!), Jean, Roma, Frank, Claire, John M1BAI and his guest.

Jan, Rita, Peter, Fred, Peggy and Norman

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