John, M1BAI, Shows His Portable ATV Project.

on Friday 24th October 2014.

Started: 25/10/14

The development of a self contained ATV setup for portable use.

Most of us have had the experience of going out somewhere with lots of equipment and things to do a specific thing, then when we get there realise that we have fogotton a vital element. A day out to the local country to take photos of, say, Bluebells and we get to the woods many miles away only to find that we have all the extras like warm clothes, a tripod, extra lenses and so on but no camera! The same thing happens with ham radio; you get to the ideal site and set up everything and find you have left behind the coax to conect the radio to the antenna.

With ATV portable there is so much to bring that is vital it is necessary to make a check list. The trouble is that from one time to the next you have probably made a change to one piece of the equipment so things have changed. Rather than dismantel your home setup and reassemble it on site the most practical way is to take most of the equipment as a pre-constructed "block" that can be lifted as a whole and fitted into the back of the car.

This evening John had not only brought the equipment but he also demonstrated it working. Yes, it did actually work, transmitting live pictures of us across the room!

Take a look at these pictures to see the tidy yet comprehensive arrangement, mainly for 23cms, that John has made...

John is about to connect
power from the 12v car battery.

Click here for a very short glimpse of John in action.

TV picture, from camcorder, on notebook display.

Picture received using a Porty sat receiver at the side of the room.
Mike G3TOI follows with interest.

The rack on the lower left holds the analogue (Comtech) ATV TX and RX and at the right is the Digilite, a digital ATV TX
and on the top of the Digilite is a WinTV PVR (PersonalVideo Recorder).
On the top of the rack is a 10GHz ATV TX and PSU regulators and the 23cm PA.

On the right of the photo is a netbook to run the Digilite; further to the right a camcorder/camera (bought at the market for a song).

Here is a closeup of the Digilite TX front panel with display.
This is a digital ATV TX inspired and developed by several amateurs and brought together as a complete unit by Dave G8AJN from Pokesdown. All information including availability for the keen amateur constructor is available at

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