"Practical Aspects of SMD soldering" By Neil Horder

Talk to BRS by a guest speaker
on Friday 3rd June 2011.

Started: 14/06/11

This was a very practical evening to give confidence to those that have not yet attempted to construct with SMDs. It was an opportunity to have a go using a range of equipment. Neil also suggested techniques and tools for experienced and more ambitious constructors.

Neil opened with a brief background to explain how he became interested in electronics and then SMD construction in particular.

After Neil's introductory talk he welcomed, and encouraged members of the audience to come and have a go!

Peter and John are the first to have a go
in the hope it will encourage others.
Hands on

Examples of equipment constructed using SMDs.
The board on the right illustrates a sensible mix of surface mount and conventional components on the same board.

For people constructing numerous PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards):

Test board Test mask
The above show a test board and solder resist mask supplied by PCB-POOL in their reflow kit.

This kit is a reflow solder kit available from PCB-POOL. This Large Beta Reflo Kit contains: Manual, oven, SMD test board, stencils, components, solder paste and mount for PCBs.

oven and controller

Here is a small oven suitable for SMD soldering with a special controller for it on the right.
The test board and mask can be seen on the top.

soldering equipment

Soldering equipment suitable for SMD work.

informal discussions
As members became more relaxed about trying their hand at soldering using equipment and SMDs brought by Neil, plenty of informal discussions carried on in the background.

I'm sure Members were grateful to Neil for the large and varied quantity of hardware that he brought, not just to see but actually try.

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