The 21st BRS Annual Sale.

last update: 19/03/09
The annual "BRS Sale" was held on Sunday 8th March 2009 at the Kinson Community Centre.

Part 2 - ATV people and the BATG stand:


Dave & Norman
Dave G8AJN with Norman G3UXR manning the BATG stand.
Bob & John
Local ATVers Bob M5BUF and brother John G8BDF were spotted at Joanna Tansley's stand.

Frank at BATG

Frank G0LFI taking a look at items on the BATG tables.

This shows the wide range of fresh sandwiches on offer in the Refreshment Room, as well as buiscuits, cakes, tea and coffee an so on. There were hot bacon bagetteswhich tasted great and I'm sure sales were improved by the compelling aroma in the room and well beyond!

SCART & Horndean members SCART & Horndean members
Two pictures of a gathering of SCART and Horndean club members in the busy Refreshment Room (food in the right hand picture above). In the picture on the left, I can see Eric G3KXE, Frank G0LFI, Simon G0IEY and XYL Julia G0IUY and John G4WQZ; in the right hand picture, Julia, Christine (Frank's XYL), and Frank who's spotted me with the camera!

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