The 22nd BRS Annual Sale.

Started: 08/03/10
The annual "BRS Sale" was held on Sunday 7th March 2010 at the Kinson Community Centre.

In the Main Hall:

Clive's tables on the Right
Centre foeground Ann M5AGG with Graham G3NIL.

Centre background at the BRS tables, David G4BKE,
Les Kerswill 2E1ICM and his helper Betty at the far Left.

Top Left: Chris M5AGG at his table,
Centre background are the BRS tables
Les Kerswill 2E1ICM just visible
Bill Journeaux at lower Right.

Graham G3NIL.
On the Left, visitors from the SCART Club,
Jim G0DQH with XYL Mo (green top)

Here and in the picture to the Right,
is Sid Shaw at his tables of surplus radio equipment.

BRS President C3CPN welcoming visitors with
Wendy and John Bales G0HAT who organised the Sale.

Tony Baker G3PFM visiting the Poole Club table.

Joanna Tansley at her tables packed with her large selection of RF components.

Tony G3PFM
at the Roger Parish tables.

Malcolm Troy's tables.

Another view of Malcolm Troy's tables.

Visitors at Joanna Tansley's tables.

In Room 4:

The BATG tables; From the Left:
Norman G3UXR, Colin G4KLB, John M1BAI and Dave G8AJN.

For more information on ATV and local activity
see the website for BATG (and GB3SQ)
Also: Dave's website.

Andy G4JNT on the SCRBG tables
(with John G0API not visible here).


This illustrates the popularity of refreshments served in the lounge:

Back in the Main Hall:

The two flags in the distance
show the position of the RNARS table.

Brian G4WEY (on the Right, facing camera) amongst visitors.

At the BYLARA, Ladies 30th Anniversary table in the New Hall:

Chairman Carol 2E1RBH (seated).

Robert G0RYL (XYL Carol is in picture to the Left).
I believe yellow shirts and labels
indicate Members of the SDARS.

Could this be Fred G3UZD looking at the exhibits?

Many thanks to John G0HAT and XYL Wendy for arranging what was a most successfull event.

Unfortunately, BRS Chairman Tony Emery G3YWG, despite being seen everywhere, completely escaped my camera!

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