"Test Equipment, Old & New"
by Bill Coombes G4ERV & Alan Stepney G8BLW.

BRS Talk & Display on Friday 2nd May 2014.

Started: 7/4/14

When I arrived the tables were fully laden with an array of test equipment old and new.


Alan G8BLW

Alan, seen on the Left, started by introducing himself and Bill.

He said that he would mainly talk about the modern equipment while Bill, on the Right, would cover the early equipment.


Bill G4ERV

This shows the equipment laid out on the tables.


View from the door


Seen from the other end

Here are some of the exhibits.


An early Ohmmeter

Resistance box

A resistance box

Volt meter

An early milliameter


A 50 Ohm dummy load made up of 20 1KΩ non-inductive resistors,
mounted in a honey jar


This is a hand held antenna analyser.
Despite its small size it has a clear display.

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