"Vintage Radios" By Bill Journaux

BRS Talk and Display on Friday 1st November 2013.

Started: 11/11/13

There was a notable turnout for Bill’s talk; he has visited us at BRS before and we knew what to expect. Bill, helped by Dave Newman, had brought in an impressive array of vintage radios for us to examine and, as can be seen in the picture, members were all keen to get a closer view.

We settled down for an interesting evening and Bill began by telling us how, even as a small child, he had been fascinated by radio. In fact, at the age of ten, he helped out in the local radio shop on a Saturday. Later he worked full time in the shop and recalls one of his “jobs” being the charging of accumulator batteries brought in by customers.

As Bill talked, he illustrated his stories by pointing to various examples of equipment displayed on the tables. He also passed around two examples of crystal detectors.

At the end of the evening everyone was really keen to look at and handle the radios and Bill was very helpful in answering all our questions. A very enjoyable evening for all.


Examples of early detectors.

Magnetic detector

A Magnetic Detector

Examples of Crystal set receivers.


The PAL Crystal Set, 1924

Crystal Receiver

"Crystal Receiver"


Crystal Receiver circuit

model Td

Crystal WT Receiver Model Td


Revophone Crystal Set


Revophone Instructions


"TUNER AIRCRAFT" (1 valve)

Tuner circuit

Circuit diagram

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