Our Family.

Here are some of our close family.

They are : Tony's wife Ann, sons Andrew and Richard and our mothers.

The Wedding.

Louise and Andrew
July 20th 2014, Louise and Andrew just married!

Louise and Andrew
Family posing on the lawn for official photographer.

Thanks to Robert Jewel for the photos above

Ann (M3GPP), Richard & Andrew
enjoying lunch on 25th December 2008


A portrait drawn in 1964.

at Hengistbury Head
Andrew and Richard
Richard Andrew & Richard
Front garden at Calaconta in 1982.
Each proudly wearing their Cordon Rouge awards from Cranmore Sports Day.

Andrew on his new Kawasaki
At home in Redhill, June 2005
Andrew at Brands Hatch
Brands Hatch 2006
(Andy in front!)

Tony, Tony's Mother and Ann
at Birtley House (23/1/01)
Ann's Mother
at Durlston
Tony, his mother and Ann Mrs. C

Sadly, Tony's mother passed away peacefully on 17th June 2003 and Ann's mother on 21st November 2005
following the death of Ann's sister on 24th September 2005.

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