Our Present and Previous Homes.

21st. February 2011
Pictures of our homes.

Name Dates
East Horsley, Surrey
19..-Oct 1993
Hengistbury Head
Bournemouth, Dorset
Our Previous Home
Oct 1993-Oct 2010
Hengistbury Head
Present Home
Oct 2010
Oct 2015- ???



Calaconta from the Road Calaconta from back garden
The front of "Calaconta" (1972?)
viewed from Glendene Avenue, East Horsley.
A view of "Calaconta" in 1982
from the back garden.

Calaconta from back garden
A winter view by Richard Ault A summer oil painting by Ann's mother.

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Copperwood front Copperwood back
The front view of "Copperwood"
in East Horsley, Surrey.
A view of "Copperwood" from the back garden.

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Our previous home.
Summer 2010


For views from this house and of Hengistbury Head
go to "Local Views" page.

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"Present Home"
(just 300m further West!)

front back garden
Front view probably taken in early 2010, before we bought it.
The front of the house faces South-West.
Back garden in snow, December 2010, taken from Richard's room upstairs.
This view is to the North-East.

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"Changes to Present Home"

new front
Front view in February 2013,
before I painted the new low front wall.
new back
View of the back of the house in 2013.
The two new patio doors in the lounge diner open out to the paved patio.
On the Left is the new close boarded fence and gate leading to the drive.

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