Local Views.
The Area Around Our Home.

Southbourne and beyond as seen looking North West from Hengistbury Head.
View from Hengistbury Head
Bournemouth on the horizon to the far left, our new home just right of centre.

For Hengistbury Head pictures and information I can recommend this website: www.hengistbury-head.co.uk.

Previous House Views from upstairs.

Looking to the South East.
View at centre
The Needles on the West tip of the Isle of Wight can just be seen in the distance.

Looking to the East.
View to the left
Christchurch Harbour is the stretch of water just beyond the golf course.
Mudeford Sands is on the far side of the harbour and The Boat House (formally The Hut) café is mostly hidden by the grounds man's brick building to the right of centre.

Looking to the South.
View to the right
The wooden steps in the centre are probably the closest access to the beach.
The Point Café is just round the corner to the right.

Views from the back (through the Kitchen window).

Looking to the North East: Christchurch Priory.
Christchurch Priory

Looking to the South West.

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