Our Holiday in North Wales
and Shrewsbury.

Part 2
On to North Wales.

Village A view of Portmeirion village from the Gazebo which is high up in the woods.
The island in the middle of the sandy estuary is visible in the background.

Another view of The Village.
This is taken from the river walk that is to the left of the picture above. You probably can identify the same tower in both views.
The Village from the west

This is the Main Hotel and restaurant, where we went every day for our breakfast and dinner. The main hotel

Inside Anchor The sitting room inside Anchor1.
Just visible through the window on the right is the sandy estuary leading West out to sea and through the one on the left the main hotel and restaurant.

View South The View South from our sitting-room.
The tide is out but the swimming pool full!

Our bedroom as seen through the sitting-room dividing doors. South West view.
BedroomAnother view

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