SCART Christmas Dinner 2007.


Tuesday 18th December 2007 at The Castle, Midanbury in Southampton.

So far I've only managed to get 2 'usable' pictures from my video footage.
(Next time I will use flash with both cameras!)

The following pictures from the still camera are not much better so I've also kept them small.

Nearly everyone! Alan G1APD & XYL,and Eric G3KXE

Sandy G3NZL's XYL, Peter G3PYB & his XYL Sandy, Simon G1VGM and Jack M1CHO

Ann M3GPP, Norman G3UXR, Julia G0IUY, Simon G0IEY and John Sandy & Howard G3NZL

Peter 2E0DOO Howard G3NZL, Frank G0LFI & his XYL, Peter G3PYB & his XYL Sandy

I'm sorry but John M1BAI doesn't appear on any pictures: However, I hope everyone else is in at least one.
Please inform me of omissions and errors; thanks, Tony G3KTU.