SCART Christmas Dinner 2008.


Tuesday 16th December 2008 at The Castle, Midanbury in Southampton.

This year all my photos were taken with Ann's new camera - a Christmas present I had bought the previous day. (Ann said I ought to test it before giving it to her - honest !)

Sandy & Peter G3PYB Christine & Frank G0LFI and Jack M1CHO

NormanG3UXR, John G0HAT and waitress rushing past Alan G1APD with his XYL, and Eric G3KXE in the middle

John G4WQZ, Peter 2E0DOO, Howard G3NZL & XYL Sandy Simon G0IEY & Julia G0IUY

Ann M3GPP & Tony G3KTU,

We, the Bounemouth contingent, had a most enjoyable evening. We felt that Mike, the new landlord, looked after us very well. His wife the Catering Manager produced a wide selection of tasty and plentiful dishes. How could they do it all for so little? The hard working waitress completed the successful team.

Please inform me of omissions and errors; thanks, Tony G3KTU.

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