SCART Christmas Dinner 2009.


Tuesday 15th December 2009 at The Castle, Midanbury in Southampton.

It's been a struggle this year to find pictures amongst those on the camera the next day! I couldn't have been thinking what I was doing. If you have or know of any pictures I could use please let me know so that I can include them.

Peter G3PYB with XYL Sandy, and John G0HAT

These three pictures show how Frank G0LFI involved us all in a bit of fun.

He handed round a list of Christmas questions.
Once we'd had sufficient thinking time to write down our answers
Frank gave the correct ones.

On the left of Frank is Eric G3KXE and on the right is Christine, Frank's XYL,
who compiled the list of questions.

The same three as above but including Eric G3KXE with his XYL

Jack M1CHO, Sandy XYL to Howard G3NZL
John, Simon & Julia
John G4WQZ, Simon G0IEY and Julia G0IUY his XYL

John M1BAI and Norman G3UXR

Yvonne XYL to Colin G4KLB with Ann M3GPP

The 'other' table in conversation

Wine glasses were kept topped up

We are all extremley grateful to Peter 2E0DOO,
for arranging the dinner which we all thoroughly enjoyed.
Many thanks Peter.

Please let me know of errors.

Appologies for the poor quality of pictures
also for the bad poses that I caught you in; you should see the ones that were too bad to include!
Tony G3KTU

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