SCART Christmas Dinner 2010.


Tuesday 14th December 2010 at The Castle, Midanbury in Southampton.

top 3 tables
The top three tables

G3PYB & G3KXE with XYLs
Peter G3PYB and XYL Jackie, then Eric G3KXE with XYL
Julia, Frank, John and Paul
Centre Right: Julia G0IUY and Frank G0LFI
bottom: John G4WQZ and the back of Paul's head M6PJD

Howard and Jackie
Howard G3NZL and XYL Jackie.
Joanna, Colin and John G0HAT
Colin G4KLB and XYL Joanna with John G0HAT on the Right.

Donna, Peter and Mike
Donna XYL of Tony G7OGT (seen on the Right of G0HAT in top photo),
Peter 2E0DOO and Mike G8LES.
Eric and XYL
Eric G3KXE with his XYL.

Mark and Jack
Mark with his father Jack M1CHO from
the Isle of Wight.
Ann, Norman and John M1BAI
Ann M3GPP, Norman G3UXR and John M1BAI.

This time I could not find Simon G0IEY, who was taking 'proper' photos, in any of mine; I'm very sorry.

G3NZL, Landlord and 2E0DOO

We are all extremley grateful to Peter 2E0DOO, and Howard G3NZL in cooperation with the Landlord for arranging the dinner which was thoroughly enjoyed.
Also, many thanks to the staff, in particular the two ladies who between them served us all
and to those responsible for the delicious food!

Please let me know of errors.
Tony G3KTU.

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