SCART Christmas Dinner 2011.

14/12/11 Under construction

Tuesday 13th December 2011 at The Castle, Midanbury in Southampton.

Paul & Tina
Paul M6PJD (web master and streamer) and XYL Tina.
Eric & Joan
Eric G3KXE and XYL Joan.

Tony & Ann
Tony G3KTU and XYL Ann M3GPP.
Norman G3UXR.
John & Peter
John M1BAI and Peter 2E0DOO.

Christine, Frank & John
Christine , Frank G0LFI and John G4WQZ
hoping that Frank will reveal another quiz answer?
John, Julia & Simon
John G4WQZ resting between courses,
Julia G0UIY puzzled by something and Simon G0IEY with happy thoughts.

Yvonne & Colin
Yvonne and Colin G4KLB.
Howard & Sandy
Howard G3NZL and
Sandy searching for an answer in the quiz.
Peter & Sandy
Peter G3PYB and Sandy
both searching for the right answers
(Southern versions).

We all would like to thank Peter 2E0DOO and Howard G3NZL for arranging the dinner and sorting out our personal menu preferences. This year the Landlord Mike and his team managed to provide a great tasty christmas meal with all the extras and still at the same incredibly reasonable price (how does he do it?).

Also thanks to Christine for compiling and running the quiz which, as can be seen in the pictures, provided us with entertainment throughout the evening. Christine with Frank's assistance also ran the raffle and provided prizes.

Please let me know of errors.

Tony G3KTU.

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