GB3IV, the Collingwood ATV Group Repeater in Fareham.

(formally the SCART ATV Repeater when it was on the Isle of Wight)

BATC Repeater streaming webpage

Started 7/07/08
*** At the moment, this page refers only to the SCART repeater on I.O.W. ***

The Repeater Hardware

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New Equipment.The New equipment for GB3IV seen at the 2009 AGM. 26/04/09
Antennas.Antenna positions at GB3IV. 10/5/07

The Repeater on the Air
Licence News.Fantastic news released on 16th April 2005. -
RXed 20/4/05.My 1st received on Wednesday afternoon, 20th April 2005. -
RXed 29/8/05.Pictures received here on 29/8/05. 30/8/05
RXed 7/2/06.First pictures received here from the refurbished GB3IV on 7/2/06. -
Various.A selection of stations seen, by me, on GB3IV. 06/07/08
RXed 31/1/08.Bournemouth signals relayed by G0HAT to GB3IV. 06/07/08


The new repeater equipment as seen at the 2009 AGM.

The Main Unit (19" rack).
(Unofficial photos taken by me - it was the first ime I had seen it and the 10GHz equipment.)
Labels and comments kindly added & supplied by Howard, G3NZL, the equipment designer/builder/..

The front  panel
The Local Control Panel can overide software functions & provides on-site communications

Inside main unit
A peep inside the tray
showing the main units

control panel
Behind front panel

The 10GHz TX Antenna and Amplifier.
The Amp with anttena on top Peter, G3PYB took this picture of the 10GHz assembly
when he took it to Brian, G3NNS's, QTH for testing.

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New antenna positions at GB3IV.
Thanks go to Howard G3NZL for the photos.

On April 24th Howard G3NZL, Frank G0LFI and John G7JTT carried out antenna changes at GB3IV. The frame, carrying both transmit and receive antennas was raised to the next available gap higher up on the mast. During the same visit a masthead pre-amp was installed at the receive antenna. This meant most signals received by the repeater were improved by up to two 'P' grades; some stations previously unable to even access it are now good usable signals. For instance, I saw Steve G7BVK in Andover for the first time since the repeater moved from Winchester.


Howard has indicated on his photos the new position of the antennas in the convenient gap next up from the previous position.

The tripod at bottom left holds the 10GHz Bob Platts LNB (without horn or dish) used to receive G3PYB's 1W test signal at P5!

(The 10GHz is pointing through an open gate - not through the wire fence.)


This close-up shows how the TX & RX antennas only just fit in the gap (avoiding other fittings in that area).

The preamp is just visible behind the RX antenna.

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Fantastic news released on 16th April 2005,
by Howard G3NZL, to SCART members:-

"...we've finally got authority to operate on the right frequencies at 100W ERP from what is probably the best site of all for our purposes. This search has been going on for about 15 years and we should not only thank Simon and the GB3IW team for their truly excellent support but we should also thank Roy G8CKN, who identified and proved Stenbury's potential early in year 2000."

"...I have received the NoV with the callsign GB3PD (which was temporarily allocated by RSGB for administrative purposes)..."
The request is in for the callsign to change to"...GB3IV ("Island Video"), which will not only compliment the IW Group's set of callsigns - but will also sound good on the mandatory Morse idents!..."

Thanks from the 'Dorset area crowd' also go to Howard in particular for his relentless negotiations with the authorities over a very long time and for the technical work of Mike G8LES and Giles G1MFG.

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1st signal from GB3PD

This is an off screen picture as received by me on Wednesday afternoon, 20th April 2005.
Live pictures relayed from Roy G8CKN were equally good.

The grey vertical bands on the left are due to the fault on my old HCS 31 monitor!

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These were the first people seen on the repeater:
John G7JTT John G0HAT Howard G3NZL in the repeater hut

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Pictures taken off my monitor screen
on Monday 29th August 2005 (during lift conditions *).

15/9/05 * I have noticed that, with me, only wet/humid conditions deteriorate the signal substantially.

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These were my fist pictures received from the refurbished GB3IV on Tuesday February 7th 2006

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A selection of signals seen on GB3IV.

Frank Peter
Frank G0LFI, Fratton, Portsmouth
on 11/12/06
Peter G3PYB, Portsmouth
on 10/12/07

Eric Dave
Eric G3KXE
on 10/12/07
Dave G0GMK
on 6/5/07
Passed away on 5/12/09

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Samples of Bournemouth/Poole signals received By John G0HAT (silent key) in Sandbanks and then relayed to GB3IV.

M1BAI G3UXR Repeater at G8AJN
John M1BAI, Wimborne Minster
on 31/1/08
Norman G3UXR, Christchurch
on 27/1/08
One of the repeater test pages from G8AJN
located in Pokesdown near Boscombe

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