SCART Club Members Seen at
The BRS Annual Sale
at Kinson on 9th March 2008.


It was a real pleasure to see and talk to so many SCART Club Members at the Sale.

By chance, I spotted that I had captured quite a few SCART Members on my pictures and video recordings, so here they are:

BATG team
Peter 2E0DOO, John M1BAI (kneeling),
Norman G3UXR, Eric G3KXE & Dave G8AJN.
Just outside the door by the BATG stand
the 23cms antenna (on Norman's portable mast)
used for live reception of digital ATV signals,

Tony, Heidi & Peter
Tony G7OGT with daughter Heidi
and Peter 2E0DOO.
Dave & Eric
Dave G8AJN & Eric G3KXE
Notice the Porty Digi boxes & other goodies for sale.

Mo & Jim
Jim G0DQH with his wife Mo.
Howard & Peter
Howard G3NZL & Peter 2E0DOO
Clive G6MYT partially hidden by the pillar.
Did you see the Alford slots at top right?

Other Members that I met there but didn't catch on camera were: Peter G3PYB, Frank G0LFI and of course, John G0HAT who, with his wife Wendy, organised the Sale for BRS. I believe there were several other Members and ATV operators present including Ian 2E0HVO, John M0CDY and Bev G7PNW.

Thank you, especially to those that travelled quite a distance, for making it such an enjoyable social event.

Please see the BRS website for more pictures and news.