GB3SQ - The ATV Repeater
covering the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Areas.

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Please Note: The proposed repeater equipment moved from the NHS site in Alderney (Poole) to
G8AJN's home QTH (Pokesdown near Boscombe) during spring (April/May) 2008 before moving to its final site.

The early years leading up to establishing the repeater.

3/1/10, 14/01/10
I cannot receive off air signals so I thought I would try to show what I believe to be typical pictures received on BATC's streaming facility. This is my first attempt to 'frame grab' the regulars on a GB3SQ repeater trial evening streamed at and by G8AJN. This was on Sunday 3rd January 2010. I intend to catch the rest of the regulars soon and add them.

GB3SQ in Beacon mode
One of the many beacon pictures
that David frequently changes.
Here is a typical complete screen grab by me of a BATC streamed page.
Dave G8AJN, direct into the repeater equipment
(NOTE: the poor text quality illustrates the definition lost on my screen grabs).

Just the 'picture' part of the stations I have seen recently:

Norman G3UXR Colin G4KLB John G8BDF
Norman G3UXR, Christchurch.
Colin G4KLB,Parkstone,
probably in on his digital transmission.
John G8BDF.

John M1BAI Bob M5BUF
John M1BAI, Wimborne.
Bob M5BUF.

(January 2013. Others to follow were: G0HAT, G3YWG, both now silent keys.)

Regular tests of the repeater are on Sunday evenings, starting at 8pm and continue for about 1 hour. The repeater output is digital and inputs preferably digital but analogue can be accommodated.

The repeater output is normaly streamed on the BATC site by Dave G8AJN and sometimes by Colin G4KLB (when he is not at work!).

Regular signals seen through the repeater are from: Norman G3UXR, Colin G4KLB, John G8BDF, John M1BAI and Bob M5BUF; Dave G8AJN is of course always seen at the repeater.

For more information on the repeater GB3SQ frequencies, format and other ATV information like how to receive the digital signals, see the excellent GB3SQ website or on the GB3SQ live screen below the picture.


Off air pictures of repeater tests

a digital test card
This illustrates the quality of pictures being received by me from Dave G8AJN on 22/7/07 during testing of the digital repeater.

John's shack on 8/4/07
on 19/08/07

See more digital pictures relayed by G8AJN are on the "Local ATV pages

Here is a photo of the BATG committee taken in winter, 2006.
(I hope I can get a better quality picture to replace it!)

Committee members
From left to right:
John G0HAT, John M1BAI, Norman G3UXR, David G8AJN, Ian M0HVO & Tony G3KTU.

- - Tests at Alderney Resumed! - -
Thursday 16th November 2006

G8AJN/P Repeater test card

This was the first picture I picked up. I experienced strong radar interference in that direction, so this was a lucky grab from my DVD recorder between strikes!

(This was my only picture as I was simultaneously taking part in the first restarted "BRS Natter Night" on 2 metres, by David G4BKE.)

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Digital ATV Tests from G8AJN & G8AJN/P at Alderney.
This is what I believe to be the progress so far:

Both Norman (G3UXR) & then John (M1BAI) were the first in this area to successfully receive digital pictures from Dave (G8AJN) at his home, on Porty satellite receivers.
John (G0HAT) had his Porty set up by Dave on 27th November, already for on air testing.
Ian (M0HVO) at Ringwood will probably be the next station ready for tests.

My (G3KTU) progress on 27th November 2006:-

G8AJN digital test card Received 'Strength' & 'Quality'

For up to date information on digital tests and GB3SQ go to the GB3SQ website of the Bournemouth Amateur Television Group..
See also Dave G8AJN's website.
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