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Les Kerswill of BRS, Honoured.02/11/15
Beginner's Microwave Workshop at FRARS.30/09/06
First SCART Club meeting at The Castle Midanbury.17/05/05
Local 13cms ATV activity!//
Flat plate antennas made by locals.//
John M1BAI 23cms portable.July 2002
ATVers seen at the Flight Refuelling ARS Hamfest.2001?


Bournemouthe Radio Society Member is Honoured.

Les Kerswill 2E1ICM

96 year old Les has been a member of BRS for many years and is still remembered for his friendly chat whilst manning the BRS stand during the Annual Sale.

Les, who served in the Royal Berkshire Regiment, has now been awarded France's highest medal for bravery - The Legion D'Honneur. After becoming a prisoner of war, Les escaped German capture and walked 1,300 miles to freedom. After receiving his medal he said, "It's nice to think people remember what you did back then." More than 300 of his comrades were killed at St. Venant but their actions in holding up the German advance allowed more than 300,000 troops to be evacuated.

UK Microwave Group Beginner's Workshop
at Flight Refuelling ARS on 30th September 2006.

Many potential microwavers attended the UK Microwave's Group second Beginner's Workshop at the Flight Refuelling club house, Organised by Paul M0EYT, on Saturday 30th September. The day opened with an introduction to microwaves based on a computer presentation by Peter G3PHO (chairman of the UKuG) at the first Workshop. The day was filled with a series of excellent presentations on Microwave topics by Paul M0EYT, Andy G4JNT, John G0API and assistance from Carl G6NLC. Throughout the talks real bits of hardware were shown and passed round, as well as live working demonstrations.

John G0HAT, who had applied to go on the course, offered to make a video recording of the event. He was kind enough to invite me to assist him by operating a second camera. At the end of the day, when it just started raining, Paul M0EYT took the photo below, shown here with his permission.

I'm sure you will spot a few local faces you know, who gathered in front of the FRARS club house. For instance, Peter, G0PTR, wearing a blue shirt is in the centre. Just behind him and to the right is me, G3KTU, and then Andy, G4JNT. Much further to the right (by the black drainpipe) is John G0HAT and then Carl G6NLC. One from the end is John G0API.

The SCART club meetings are held at "The Castle" in Midanbury.
Meetings are held there on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month, at about 8.00pm.

Here are some tips from Howard G3NZL on finding the location:

Giles was right about "The Castle's" location on many maps when he said, "The pub is actually at the junction of Woodmill Lane and Trent Road." Not all maps agree, so I've listed the actual "on the ground" situation below: -

1) When climbing the hill from the Junction 5 direction; the road running from Portswood Road over Wood Mill to Midanbury, changes name from "Woodmill Lane" to "Witts Hill" just BEFORE the pub.
2) Similarly, when approached from the West End Road side, the "Mousehole Lane" signs change to "Witts Hill" near the summit (before the shops).
3) The pub itself has "Witts Hill" signs immediately outside on both sides of the road and as it occupies all of the land between the two side roads, it can be interpreted as being on both Midanbury Lane and Trent Road (which is "L" shaped and leads back to Midanbury Lane).

However I'm sure that everyone will have no difficulty in seeing the ruddy great "Castle" sign at the top of the hill !

The first SCART meeting at the new venue, on 17th May 2005.

Norman G3UXR and John G0HAT standing outside The Castle pub
before we joined the other members in the Conservatory, just visible on the right.

Tony G3KTU took the picture in the evening sunlight
just after we arrived at about 8pm.

These pictures thanks to Pete (2E0DOO).