Pictures of BRS and other Local Clubs and Events.
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These are only the ones where I have pictures to show!

in chronological order
Event Contents Added on
Mike's Lunch. G3CPN invites BRS Members to a Christmas reunion lunch.
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BRS 2015. BRS final meeting to close the club. 30/10/15
BRS demonstration. John, M1BAI, shows his portable ATV. 24/10/14
BRS talk and display. "Test Equipment, Old & New" by Bill Coombes G4ERV & Alan Stepney G8BLW. 02/05/14
BRS talk and display. "Vintage Radios" by Bill Journaux. 02/11/13
BRS talk. "ATV Goes Digital" by G8AJN and G4KLB. 05/06/12
BRS Lunch 2011. Pictures of the RNLI venue. 22/10/11
AGM 2011. AGM followed by Member's Projects. 21/10/11
BRS talk. "Practical Aspects of SMD soldering" By Neil Horder. 03/06/11
BRS Sale 2011 BRS Annual Sale. 07/03/11
BRS talk. A picture of Mike G3TOI giving his talk on compasses. 09/05/10
BRS Lunch 2010 - Pictures taken at the Highcliff Grill - 12/04/10
BRS Sale 2010 BRS Annual Sale. 08/03/10
Nicky VP8YLE. BRS talk: "The Falklands YL Expedition" by Nicky Marriott M5YLO. 05/09/09
Hamfest 2009. "Hamfest" at the Flight Refuelling ARS Sunday 9th August 2009. 26/08/09
G3CPN. An Afternoon with Mike G3CPN, BRS President. 26/08/09
BRS Sale 09 BRS Annual Sale. 11/03/09
BRS Sale 09
Local ATV people.
BRS Annual Sale Local ATV people. 11/03/09
Hamfest 2008. The annual "Hamfest" at the Flight Refuelling ARS Sunday 10th August 2008. 14/08/08