Radio At Our New Home

19th. February 2015

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Update: 3/5/2015

23cm JVL loop yagi pointing to GB3SQ
4ft above G0HAT's G-250 rotator.
Fixed Broadcast TV Ae pointing to IOW.

Insulated 'thimble' to pull trap Ae away from roof.

Mast secured by "T and K" brackets to wall.

Garden end of trap Ae hanging down from a tree.
Pulley at top, egg insulator next then end of wire at glass insulator.

My 23cm skeleton slot antenna
mounted on a giant clip holding onto a window handel.
This is how I first received GB3SQ.

This is still my VHF/UHF antenna system (2015),
a 2m/70cm mobile whip in the loft above my future shack.

This is the view of my total antenna system (2011?),
a 2m/70cm mini mobile whip clinging on a steel screw of the Velux window frame.

The top of my rig, a Wouxun handheld, is just visible at the bottom.

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Tony's Room now "the shack"

How it looks in October 2015

West end of my room.
Here is most of my radio equipment
including associated computer and monitor.

Looking West near door.
More new shelves especially for ring binders.

East end of my room.
This is my new workbench and shelves
intended for construction and testing surface mount equipment

South East end
My second computer is on the floor and old 14 inch monitor on the desk.
Center is a tv monitor used with video recorders under desk.
Also just visible to the right are a multifunction printer and laser printer

How it looked in March 2015

Radio workbench in West end of my room' at nightime.
The Yagi was used as the skeleton slot had an intermittant fault.
At the centre is the TS-2000X tranceiver, used mainly for the 2m talk-back (the 2m/70cm diplexer just visible on its left).
On the right hand end is my Solent analogue ATV receiver; its S meter is usefull for optimising the position of the 23cm antenna. The built in preamp is brought out and used to feed the Porty.

On the shelf above is the Yagi then the loudspeaker and PSU for the TS-2000.
Next on the shelf is a Porty RX with an SL25 on top.
At the end is a Finlux monitor, showing Colin G4KLB operating as standby net controller.

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