My 13cms ATV Projects.

Shown on the right is my ATV receiver, ENG version, from Giles, G1MFG, which I have built into an old case together with a G1MFG controller.

I have now added a de-emphasis circuit as seen below. This circuit is similar to that described in CQ-TV 195. To reduce patterning from strong audio sub carriers I have added a shunt 6MHz ceramic filter.
13cms TV RX
Deemphasis PCB

13cms & 23cms antennae.
Antennae At last I have bought a ready made 21 element yagi from Masthead, which is just below my 23cms beam, so I can start looking for signals.


13cms PA This is the W PA that I am now using on ATV. I will probably build it into the above cabinet with the G1MFG TX. It is a beta version of the WDG041 kit designed and supplied by Charles, G3WDG through the RSGB Microwave Committee components service.
(PS. I have soldered the ground strip between the FETs since the photo!)

Inside 13cms ATV TX.
inside TX

This is how the TX case looks now: I have installed the PA (shown above) in front of a G1MFG TX unit. The front panel blue protection foil will stay there until I've decided what else I'll mount on it (probably frequency setting controls). I have done the suggested modification to the rf module to increase the audio sub-carrier level and removed the second sub-carrier (on 6.5MHz). I will now have to add some audio amplification to bring the sensitivity up to the standard level.

Also visible is a pre-emphasis PCB, fitted in place of the preset pot. The circuit is from CQ-TV 196 by G1MFG & G8CKN. I then found that I needed to increase the video sensitivity by turning the preset pot in the rf module to maximum.

As I progress I will report and add photographs.

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