My 3cms (10GHz) Narrowband Projects.

Big update 22/3/06

This is a 10GHz Narrowband transverter using modules designed in the early 1990s by G3WDG and G4DDK. Kits were originally made available from the RSGB Microwave Committee Components Service. The control module was designed by G4JNT and the regulator boards by G4FRE.

My progress in constructing these modules has been almost non-existant over the years! I now intend to get back to constructing them so I end up with a breadboard/prototype 10GHz station from which I can gain experiance. If all goes well I will progress to a more modern design based on a DB6NT transverter.

To avoid damage by static charges I will not fit FET devices in the RF modules until the boxes are secured onto a baseplate and I am ready to test them.

The complete unit so far. (13/4/06)

At last I have started to fix the modules into a weatherproof box: All the RF interconnections are made. I will probably build & add the 1W module later.
The whole unit so far

G3WDG002, 144MHz to 10GHz Receive Converter.
RX converter Visible are 2 cavity filters and a G4FRE regulator.

G3WDG003, 144MHz to 10GHz TX Converter.
2m to 3cm track side
Showing the regulator board and the 4 cavity filters. There is a preset pot for setting the DC on each FET

G4DDK004, 2.5GHz Local Oscillator/Multiplier.
(See RadCom August 1990)
2.5GHz local oscillator & multiplier The 8 'Sky' trimmers for filter alignment are clearly visible. On the far left is the crystal covered by a heater (a Murata Posistor) that is not yet connected to the feed-throughs. This module is aligned and working.

G3WDG004, 10GHz Receive HEMT LNA. G3WDG006, 10GHz 250mW PA.
RX preamp TX 250mW amp
The SMT power supply is on the other side of the board. This is the SMT power supply board fitted under the 250mW PA.

G4JNT001, Control Unit.
Control unit Transmit-Receive sequencer & relay driver
2m TX dummy load
2m attenuator & drive level set
RX (2m IF) attenuator.

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