Paths to GB3SQ (looking from the North)

G3KTU Path to GB3SQ
This is the terrain (or profile) plot with the corresponding path on the map, between me, G3KTU on the left and GB3SQ on the right.
The large red arrow is at the first high point of the path looking from me, and is near St Peter's School. The distance is only 3.3Km

G3TOI Path to GB3SQ
This is the corresponding picture for Mike, G3TOI on the left and GB3SQ on the right.
The large red arrow is at the first high point of the path looking from Mike, and is near St Peter's School. The distance is also 3.3Km

ATV stations close to GB3SQ, the BATG repeater.
Locals to GB3SQ
GB3SQ is shown ORANGE

Local transmitting stations YELLOW (except G3KTU not yet transmitting!)

SQ Hurst lighthouse

Looking NNW, from shack widow, towards GB3SQ.

Hurst lighthouse, looking East through the shack Velux window.
This was taken just before sunset.

More to come!

GB3AT no longer exists and the SCART repeater had moved to GB3IV on the Isle of Wight
and since the end of SCART, GB3IV is in Fareham, near Portsmouth.

This map, showing the terrain in my area, was produced by a DOS program called 'Localmap' which is part of a suite of programs called 'Geographic' by Andy Talbot, G4JNT, and modified for ATV users by Roy, G8CKN.
(The white arrow indicates my QTH, at NGR SZ157912.)

Local ATV amateurs and repeaters (in my database at the time) are marked on the map by a small black spot. I have now arranged this web picture so that you can move your cursor close to one of these spots and its identity is displayed. I have put a * after the name to indicate that you can left click on it for more information on it within my website. Give it a try! (Please let me know if I have got it wrong)

M0HVO, Ian * M1BAI, John * G0HAT, John * G1OCN G3KTU G3NZL G3UXR, Norman * G6MYT, Clive * G7BVK G8AJN, Dave & GB3SQ * G8CKN G8LES GB3IV, Stenbury * GB3SCS, Bell Hill Beacons Win Green Alderney Big Fish or Boat? G4KLB, Colin ATV Stations identifiable on the map: M0HVO, M1BAI, G0HAT (sient key), G1OCN, G3KTU, G3NZL, G3UXR (silent key), G6MYT, G7BVK, G8AJN, G8CKN, G8LES.
Other stations & places: GB3IV, GB3SCS etc (Bell Hill beacons), Alderney (previous GB3SQ site), Win Green (& one other - have you spotted it?)

Another part of the same program produces a specific path plot, as illustrated below.
Please note that GB3IV is now not on the Isle of Wight so this plot is no longer relevent.
Path Plot
This is the terrain between my QTH on the left and GB3IV on the right; a distance of 39.6Km at 107°.
I placed the cursor on the peak of Hengistbury Head, which partially obstructs my path to GB3IV. The figures at the lower centre refer to that point.

For pictures, path profile & information on the SCART repeater when it was on the Isle of Wight go here: GB3IV

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