Tony's SoftRock 40.
This is my conventional build of the kit which may help anyone considering building something similar.


I bought my kit (SoftRock RX v6.1) from Waters & Stanton at the Kempton Park Rally in November 2006, for 29.95; I believe the later, eqivalent,SoftRock Lite is only 19.95. The kit includes all the parts for the basic board and the latest CD "Building Instructions & Software", as in the photo (below left). Everything needed to build a complete unit as in the photo (below right), I only required to find the box, switches, sockets (and battery which I wanted).

The main contents of my CD are:
Constructional Information (several .pdf files containing detailed building instructions, circuit diagram, board layout, crystal/frequency table, and so on).
SoftRock 40 operating programs including: 'Rocky' by VE3NA, 'KGK SDR' and 'WinRad'
Guides & information on the Delta 44 soundcard.

The SoftRock RX v6.1, by Tony KB6YIG.
Kit An external view of my boxed SoftRock.
The box

The left switch is +12v on/off & the right one selects internal battery or external source. Between the switches is the stereo audio output for the computer sound card. The antenna goes into the BNC at the top right and +12v into the one on the right hand side.
The kit as it is supplied.

Inside the hidden side
An internal view.
The rechargeable battery is held in place by rubber on the baseplate.
The hidden side of the PCB
showing the surface mount ICs & caps (all 100nF).

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