More Pictures Illustrating Radio Interests of Tony, G3KTU.

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Part 2.

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School days.
Nottingham days.
East Horsley shack.
Early SSTV.

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School days.

Signals Hut at Mill Hill
This is the Signals Hut at Mill Hill School.
Two friends seen here are Ewan (my phonetic spelling) Thomas
and John Bales who both sat the RAE at the same time as me.
John became G6ZDI and then G0HAT.
Tony G3KTU
I'm posing here by my entry for a competition
which I believe was always on school 'Founders' day.
The TV was made on a tin-plate chassis
(for easy earthing). Guidance in the design was
from my father and an ex-RAF friend Ken.
Most valves were SP61s (even for audio output!) and EF50s.

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Nottingham days.


I would guess this was at a mobile rally in East Anglia, perhaps RAF Alconbury or Mildenhall. My father travelled to most of the rallies from Esher and we would keep in mobile contact on 80m most of the way. He took this picture of me, proudly standing by Bond 2 + 2, with an armful of rally goodies. The Bond was a 2 litre straight 6 and a fibreglass body on a Triumph chassis and transmission. The added overdrive in 3rd and 4th made it very enjoyable to drive!

I should say that the radio was a home made transistorised (but 6CH6 driving a pair of 6146s) SSB HF TRX. The antenna was a commercial whip for top band to 10m (+ mods for 18 &24MHZ) which I used for many years. I also had a 2m transverter and QQV06-40 PA into a halo but not fitted when this was taken.

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John, G6ZDI John, G6ZDI (now G0HAT) in his Pinner shack.

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Bob G3LVM.

Here is my father in his study/shack in East Horsley, just up the road from us. He is using a Sure 444 microphone with his HF rig, a KW2000 which my mother and I bought for his birthday when he was still living in Esher. Above the KW2000 is an FDK Multi 2000 which was a very early synthesised 2m all mode 2m TRX. Bob G3LVM (Tony's Dad)

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My East Horsley shack.

My Shack
This was in our second house ("Copperwood") in East Horsley and after my father had died.

At the left hand end of the bench are my first commercial rigs, a TS130 for HF and TR9000 for 2m.
Above the TS130: a Trio PSU and AT230 ATU, 4m ATU on top.
Above the loudspeaker: 2m PA, my 70cm TRV, and 2 home made yellow units (CW filter and ST5 for RTTY)
Above the TR9000: Datong AF filter, Datong speech processor, father's Heathkit VSWR meter modified for 2m and an FS meter.

Next along the bench is a PSU for my home made TRX, above which a Trio FRG7700 RX, my home made all transistor SSB/AM/FM phasing type TRX for 2m & 4m (based on ideas from G3HBW) with provision for HF additions.

On the bench to the right is a small unit I just can't idendentify! Above it is the FDK 2m rig and above that is an AMT-1 for various data modes like Amtor. On top my first printer, an Epson dot matrix type. In the corner is my BBC computer with two 5¼ floppy disc drives and TV monitors.

Same shack but later Me
A few changes here. The main upgrade was to the HF rig; all units have a red JRC badge at the top left: the JST135 on the bench with associated ATU, LS & PSU above.
New also is the Robot stand alone unit for SSTV with masses of push buttons. Above it a Tonituner audio spectrum display to help with identifying and tuning data modes, a multi term for RTTY, and a simple spectrum analyser based on various published designs.
The picture of me was after my car accident in which the Lancia steering wheel sliced my nose end which was replace by a graft from my forehead.

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Early SSTV.

G3WCY TX & RX Slow scan 8Sec B&W pic of Ann

This was my attempt at the G3WCY designed all TTL SSTV; modulator (on the left) and demodulator (right). It was capable of colour, hence the coloured buttons. The upper shelf had the PSU and a simple test generator

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